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Kurativ Premium CBD

Full Spectrum CBD CBG Oil - 3300mg

Full Spectrum CBD CBG Oil - 3300mg

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The future of wellness starts here. Kurativ’s best-selling, tried and true CBD oil just got even better.

Blending Full Spectrum CBD & CBG helps create overall balance and regulates the body. When combined, these cannabinoids compliment each other and the effects are amplified. This Kurativ oil contains 1mg of CBG for every 10mg of CBD, plus an array of secondary cannabinoids. Unflavored, with no unpleasant tastes.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, CBG Isolate

Suggested Use: Sublingual method: Ensure to lightly shake the bottle before use. Fill dropper to desired level, and dispense oil underneath the tongue. Do not swallow for at least 60 seconds. Product can also be applied topically.

Product Specs:

Ratio: 10:1 cbd:cbg
Major Cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, THC
Minor Cannabinoids: CBN, CBC, CBDVA
Cannabinoid content by bottle:

3300mg: 110mg per ml ; 3300mg per bottle (30ml)

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