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Kurativ Premium CBD

Boost CBD Daytime Oil -1500mg

Boost CBD Daytime Oil -1500mg

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Product Info

Turbocharge your mornings with Kurativ's Immuno-Boost Daytime CBD Oil. Our proprietary THC free blend leverages the best of CBD and mother nature. Crafted with gut healthy, holistic ingredients, known for helping with energy, focus, and immune system defense.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, Ginseng, Honey, Vitamin C, Lemon, Ginger.

Suggested Use: Lightly shake bottle to ensure ingredients are mixed well. Sublingual method: Fill dropper to desired level, and dispense oil underneath the tongue. Do not swallow for at least 60 seconds. Take in morning upon waking up. For best results, use every morning.

Product Specs

  • Cannabinoid Profile: Isolated extracts
  • Major Cannabinoids: CBD
  • Minor Cannabinoids: None
  • THC Content: 0%
  • Cannabinoid content by bottle: 50mg per ml ; 1500mg per bottle (30ml)

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