Why Do We Provide Lab Reports for Each CBD Product?

While it has been around in one form or another for many years, CBD oils & supplements still a relatively new supplement for most people. For a lot of people, they are still used to hearing about CBD as a marijuana related product, and therefore associating the use of CBD with getting high. And believe it or not, having isolated CBD that people can take to help with medical ailments is still a foreign concept for some people. This is why educating people on the use of CBD and its natural benefits are so important, in addition to being transparent with CBD products and what they contain.

Here at Kurativ Premium CBD, we firmly believe that not only does quality comes first, but that our customers deserve to know exactly what is in the product that they’re buying. There are many different types of CBD available, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and others that are completely THC free, to name a few.  It’s important for consumers to have an understanding of the type of CBD products they’re buying, this way they can ensure they purchase the best, most effective products to help support their wellness needs.

All Kurativ Premium CBD products include full lab analysis so that our consumers are fully aware of exactly what they are getting – not only the trace amounts of THC, but also the exact dosage of each cannabinoid  in each product so they know exactly how much they’re taking with every dose. This allows people to make knowledgeable decisions and feel more confident about the product that they’re getting. You can find our certificate of analysis on our website on each of the product pages, as well as having the option to scan the QR code present on the product box itself.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies around that are trying to pass off things like Hemp Oil as a CBD Oil product, when that is simply not at all what Hemp Oil is. While Hemp Oil is still a derivative of the marijuana plant, it does not contain any CBD, and therefore doesn’t have any actual medicinal products like CBD oil has. This lack of active ingredients has led a lot of people to believe that CBD oils are ineffective, when the truth is they were never really taking CBD to begin with. We are fully transparent with our products and provide lab verified reports on all of our products to show exactly how much CBD is in each batch that we produce.

At Kurativ Premium CBD, we fully stand behind each and every one of our products. We only use premium quality CBD from organically grown plants and tested soils – never imported or grown overseas, and no plain hemp products being passed off as CBD. The lab tests that we have done on our products are also all third party, so there is no bias, but just straight up and honest results to ensure the quality and safety of our products.