How CBD Can Help Boost Your Productivity

When most people think about CBD, they often associate it with relaxation, and possibly even laziness. The truth can actually be far from that though. While some strains of CBD can be used to help improve sleep cycles, other strains can actually induce wakefulness and greatly improve focus. In addition to the added focus, CBD can help to reduce stress which, when coupled with the added focus, can greatly increase productivity.

Anxiety and stress are two things that can diminish drive and lead a usually productive mind into procrastination. This will decrease productive output, and also can ultimately lead to an even more worsened mood – creating a negative feedback loop that keep a person in a “funk” – remaining unproductive and depressed.

CBD’s anti-anxiety and anti-depression qualities can help to ease anxiety and stress which is going to provide a lot more clarity and focus. This is going to greatly improve productivity, which studies have shown leads to improved mood. The more productive a person is, the more their mood continues to increase. This is a positive feedback loop that is going to help create sustainable productivity that will help get people through the day.

It is important to note – this is in regard to just CBD, and not cannabis products with high levels of THC. CBD by itself won’t induce a “high”, it simply has medicinal properties. THC is the compound in cannabis that causes the high, and leaves the user inebriated if there are high enough levels of THC to cause it to be psychoactive. If someone is high, they’re certainly not going to be able to function optimally. It is important to note that there are distinctions even between different types of THC. Some of Kurativ’s CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, but will not induce a high. Kurativ’s Full Spectrum products have 0.3% THC – and it is non-psychoactive. Products like these will not get a user high, unlike psychoactive THC products.

CBD provides anti-anxiety and anti-depression qualities without affecting or influencing the user. A CBD Isolate will have no THC in it, so it is safe to take during the day without needing to worry about any negative cognitive affects that one would feel with THC. Kurativ CBD makes Immuno-Boost, which is specifically formulated to help improve immune function and boost energy and focus.