Should You Be Using a Topical CBD Product?

Typically, when we think of CBD our mind goes to oils or edibles – but CBD topicals have been becoming much more popular over the past few years. CBD topicals include balms, creams, and massage oils. These topicals are proving to be effective remedies for muscle soreness, skin conditions, relaxation, and so much more. Because these are topicals, and not ingested, the medicinal effects of the CBD can be much more localized as well, so you can get added relief straight to the affected area.

Topical CBD products, like CBD creams and balms, have been shown to provide fast and effective relief for a wide array of various skin conditions and muscle fatigue or soreness (source). What makes CBD topicals a preferred remedy to most people is that there is no “high” that you would get from THC – its simply medicinal. It is also a completely natural solution, though it is of course processed, the basis for all CBD topicals is the cannabis plant.

CBD topicals can be scented or unscented, depending on what the user prefers. It can be combined with other medicinal plants or herbs like mint or lavender to provide additional effects, like increased wakefulness from menthol, or relaxation from the lavender. It is an incredibly versatile topical treatment and can be used to treat numerous ailments. CBD topical have been shown to help with skin conditions like dry skin eczema, dermatitis, various rashes, and more.

One of the most popular uses for topical CBD creams and lotions are for athletes. DOMS – delayed onset muscular soreness – is a condition wherein after a muscle is worked, it is sore as it recovers. CBD cream can help to relieve DOMS, decreasing the amount of pain that the athlete feels as the muscles recover. The pain relief from CBD topicals can also helps by allowing the athlete to perform better through the DOMS – the less pain that they’re feeling from sore muscles, the better they can move and exercise.

A question that gets asked quite often regarding CBD topicals is whether or not they can be used in tandem with ingestible CBD products. The answer here is yes. It is beneficial to use both, as they are processed differently through the body, there is no harm in combining both. In actuality, there are added benefits in using both. They both active different receptors, so using a topical CBD product will be able to provide better, more localized relief than the ingestible CBD can on its own.

As with any cream or balm that you would be buying, it is important to ensure quality in the product. There are many creams and balms that state they are CBD products, but in actuality are just hemp oils or creams. While these may still provide some relief for dry skin, they will not have the actual medicinal qualities found in true CBD topicals. At Kurativ, we provide a full, detailed lab report for all of our products so our customers know the exact levels of CBD that will be in the products that they’re ordering.

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