Researchers Continue to Find Evidence for CBD as a Potential Treatment Against COVID-19

CBD and COVID-19 have been two of the most studied subjects for researchers over the past two years. COVID-19 has obviously been a world-wide phenomenon that has had a wide spread effect that health researchers have been studying, and CBD has been continuous studied over the past many years for it’s health benefits. It should come as no surprise that in their search for treatments for COVID-19 that health researchers decided to look into any potential benefits that CBD usage could have in battling the virus.

In a study from early 2021, researchers found that CBD could possibly act as an inhibitor towards the SARS-COV-2 virus, resulting in prevention of infection. The results of the study were very promising – showing that Cannabidiol inhibits SARS-COV-2 replication while also promoting a positive immune response (source).

These results have also been replicated in even more studies as well. In a study published on July 16th, 2020, entitled The Potential of Cannabidiol in the Covid-19 Pandemic, they found that CBD can actually limit the overall severity of symptoms from COVID-19, ultimately concluding that cannabidiol should be used as a treatment against the COVID-19 pandemic.

These two studies both independently found the same link between CBD and COVID-19 – it inhibits key receptors within the body, greatly reducing the virus’ ability to fully infect people. With these receptors being blocked, the virus is unable to reach its full damaging potential within the human body, ultimately reducing the severity and symptoms that people with COVID-19 would exhibit.

Further to that point, one of the most damaging long-term symptoms of COVID-19 is lung inflammation and damage. Because CBD acts as a very powerful anti-inflammatory, it can help in mitigating the inflammation damage caused by COVID-19. This further ads to the positive impact that a CBD supplement regimen can have in both preventing, and treating, COVID-19.

These are just some of the first, of what should be assumed to be many, of the studies regarding CBD and COVID-19. CBD has been proven to have numerous health benefits for people, and this is just an extension of that. CBD has so far been shown to not only help in lessening the immediate symptoms of Covid-19, but also in reducing the risk of long-term, or “long haul” COVID symptoms. As researchers continue to look into the effects of CBD on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we can hopefully expect to see even more positive results.

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