How to Use CBD for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Cannabis naturally supplies the body with pain relief, increased dexterity, and improvement of life overall. It’s time to say goodbye to pharmaceutical medication with an endless list of side effects and say hello to the proven medical wonder that is marijuana. Whether you choose to smoke it, eat it or use it topically, you’re guaranteed to feel relief from chronic joint pain with this plant-based method.

What is CBD?

It’s a cannabinoid compound that focuses on the healing effects for consumers, with zero psychoactive effects present. CBD is mostly used for pain relief, to ease mental illness such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and to aid in the treatment of mild to several health conditions. The wide variety of uses for CBD seems to be infinite, going far beyond the realm of simply relieving pain.

Why Does CBD Work?

The CBD cannabinoid positively affects your immune system, making it ideal to treat arthritis, other joint pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD, and cannabis in general, fights inflammation in the joint through the activation of CB2 receptor pathways in the brain.

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