How Do We Know That CBD Works?

There is sometimes doubt regarding CBD that asserts it doesn’t actually do what it is supposed to. This doubt implies that instead of an actual therapeutic effect, people instead are just experiencing a placebo effect. This misconception is stemmed from the fact that CBD doesn’t have a high, and so there is no discernable effect that people feel to know it’s working. People don’t doubt things like THC because they can experience the high – this leaves no doubt that the substance is working and affecting them. For CBD, we rely on extensive studies that have proven time and time again that while you may not directly feel the effects of CBD, they are absolutely there.

Do you feel anything with CBD?

There of course subtle effects that you’ll feel when using CBD. Depending on the type you’re using and what it is meant for, you should feel some effects within 20 – 30 minutes of taking the CBD. What is sometimes asserted is that these are just placebo effects – because the person is expecting to feel sleepy from the CBD, they will automatically feel that way as they’ve convinced themselves they should feel it.

With CBD, the Quality Matters

While placebo effects can be real for some other products, when it comes to CBD, they are not responsible for the effects felt. As long as you are getting high quality CBD there should be no doubt in your mind of its efficacy. Numerous studies have been done – and continue to be done – proving the effectiveness of CBD to help treat anxiety, depression, and much more.

Where’s the Science Behind CBD?

One of the largest studies done on CBD was completed by Radical Science, featured almost 3,000 participants. The study focused on finding real world evidence on the effects of botanical products that contained CBD. The study found that of the participants, 71% experienced an overall feeling of improved well being, 63% experienced improvement in anxiety, and 61% experienced measurably better sleep. This is just one of many studies that have corroborated the effectiveness of CBD and helped to prove it’s overall benefit to people’s health.

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