How CBD Can Help with Athletic Performance and Recovery

Athletes put their bodies under a lot of stress – consistently pushing their physical and emotional limits to hit new levels of strength and endurance. As you can imagine this stress takes a toll on the body, and if the athlete doesn’t ensure proper recovery, then they can risk chronic joint and muscle pain both sort and long-term. While there are quite a few different supplements and medications that can help with training recovery for athletes, recent studies have found that CBD oils and CBD topical creams are one of the most effective for pain relief and recovery. Plus, it’s all natural!

Currently, one of the most used pain relief medications is simple ibuprofen. While ibuprofen is effective at reducing inflammation and pain, it can also be dangerous if overused. As athletes continue to use ibuprofen on a regular basis, just like anything their tolerance will build up, and essentially, they will continue to need more and more in order to get the pain relief effects that they desire. This can lead to an unhealthy dependance, and in many cases can lead to the athlete searching for something stronger – like opioids – for effective pain relief.

CBD, the short name for Cannabidiol, one the other hand is a non-addictive, natural remedy that can effectively aid with muscle recovery, joint pain, and inflammation. Despite the fact that some people still view it is a recreational drug, there are actually no psychoactive properties found in CBD. High quality CBD topicals and oils only have medicinal properties and will not actually get the user “high”. Because there is no high, there is no real risk of addiction, and all you are left with are the numerous positive medical qualities found in the CBD. As well as providing no high, there is also no actual stimulant or performance enhancing qualities found in CBD. This is what makes CBD topicals and edibles a prime candidate for athletes to aid in their recovery.

Recent studies have found that cannabidiol oils and creams provide a plethora of health benefits that help our bodies. These qualities include pain relief, positive mental health, reduced inflammation, deeper sleep, and better overall muscular recovery. All of these effects are imperative for athletic recovery, and will allow athletes to build their strength and endurance. Given all of this, the pros for using CBD for athletic recovery far outweigh and cons, especially when compared to other supplements and medications like ibuprofen.

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