Health Canada Officials Deem CBD “Safe” for Mainstream Retail

While CBD and THC have been legal in Canada for quite sometime, Health Canada has now officially published a study deeming CBD safe for mainstream retail and have even provided guidelines for recommended dosages. This marks a very substantial victory for the overall use and adoption for the use of CBD as a daily health supplement. While there have been numerous studies by both medical and academic institutions on the health benefits of CBD, having Health Canada publish a positive study highlighting these benefits may hold more weight to some of those who are still holding out on the use of CBD for medicinal and health related uses.

What Did the Study Say?

While the conclusion of the study was of course still quite conservative, the study did conclude,

“…the committee unanimously agreed CBD is safe and tolerable for short-term use (a maximum of 30 days) at doses from 20 milligrams per day (mg/day) to a maximum dose of 200 mg/day through oral administration (i.e. by mouth via capsules or oils) for healthy adults provided they discuss the use of any other medications with their pharmacist.”

It did reference that due to the nature of these studies, there cannot be a recommendation based on the long-term use of CBD, and they also cautioned that different methods of using CBD can cause different results in absorption.

Further to their statement about their being no notable dangers to short-term CBD use, they also concluded that CBD is non habit forming.

“CBD is not habit forming; however, the committee recommends that health products containing cannabis should carry a warning to clarify they are not intended to help reduce consumption of opioids or alcohol as there are no definitive studies that have validated its use for those indications.”

What’s the Overall Conclusion of the CBD Study?

The purpose of the study was to determine the safety of regular use of CBD, and whether or not it is recommended by Health Canada for retail sale. It is important to note – this study was only looking at the use of CBD, and not THC. The conclusion was that CBD is safe for retail sale and recreational use, as there is no need to classify CBD as psychoactive.

The study did stress the importance of proper labeling for CBD products, and that people should be well informed of what they are buying. Kurativ CBD has always provided lab results for all of the CBD products that we sell – everything from CBD gummies to oils and creams. We’re very transparent with our products, and stive to only sell the best and ensure that all of our customers are fully educated on what they’re getting.

To review the conclusions of Health Canada’s CBD study, you view the full report here:

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