Exercise, Inflammation, and How CBD Can Help

We’ve all experience DOMS – delayed onset muscular soreness. Whether its after working out at the gym, helping a friend move, or some other activity, we’ve all woken up the day after with sore muscles, aches and pains. This pain is caused by damaged muscle tissues, and the inflammation that comes with it. While inflammation is crucial to the healing process, it can cause additional pain and be uncomfortable. While some people use pharmaceuticals like Ibuprofen to help with this pain, there is a much better, more natural treatment – CBD.

What Causes DOMS and Muscular Inflammation?

DOMS and muscular inflammation can be caused by extensive exercise and muscular fatigue. As you lift weights and exercise, your muscles are actually being damaged on a microscopic level, the pain you feel the day after is from that damage. The inflammation comes from increased blood flow to the area to help heal the muscles.

How Can CBD Help with This Pain?

CBD has incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for helping with muscular soreness and decreasing the inflammation. In addition to reducing the inflammation, CBD is a very effective pain relief treatment, so it can help to both reduce inflammation and take away the pain too. Because CBD also helps to improve sleep habits, it will also help speed up the recovery process as well.

What is the Best Type of CBD to Take?

This is all dependant on the symptoms that you’re feeling the most, and the relief that you’d like. For direct relief to muscular pain, a topical CBD cream would be the best option. It can help provide localized relief to the muscles to decrease inflammation on site and help reduce the pain. To maximize the pain relief, and also help with sleep and improving the recovery cycle, an ingestible CBD option would be best – either a CBD oil or gummies would be the best option here.

To make the most of your recovery, a combination of both topical CBD cream and a CBD oil would be best. The cream would provide fast acting relief directly to the source of the pain, while the ingestible CBD would then help with overall pain reduction and speed up recovery. At Kurativ CBD, we offer high quality CBD products – with accompanying lab reports – so that you can get the most effective relief out of the products you buy. You can find links to our CBD creams and oils below.

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