Dogs with Anxiety - How CBD Can Help

Are you finding that your dog gets anxious about new people coming over to your house? Or are they overly stressed when you leave the house? We often think of anxiety as mostly a human problem, but the truth is that animals can feel anxiety just as easily as people – they may even feel even more anxious in some situations because they won’t be able to understand any explanation as understand context of a situation. The good news though, is that anxiety in dogs and other animals can be treated the same as it would for people.

Just as people would take medicine to help with their anxiety, so to can dogs and other animals. While there are some prescriptions that can be used, this would require a trip to the vet, and then medication with possible side effects. A lot of people are now opting for more holistic and natural remedies for their anxiety, and there are also plenty of natural supplements that you can give your dog, like CBD.

CBD and Anxiety

CBD has very powerful anti-anxiety properties, which make it an ideal treatment for those who suffer from anxiety attacks. CBD’s anti-anxiety properties stem from it’s interaction with the endocrine system in the body. By helping to regulate hormone production in the body, specifically Serotonin, CBD can help treat anxiety. Recent studies have shown that increased serotonin levels have an inverse correlation with decreased anxiety levels.

If you’re finding that your dog has become more anxious than usual, especially in stressful situations, it may be beneficial to try dog friendly CBD oil. CBD works similarly in dogs as it does in people, so just as it can help relieve anxiety in people, it can help dogs too. At Kurativ CBD, we have an entire line of CBD oil for dogs, which comes in both neutral and flavoured options.

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