CBD and Hormone Balancing

Our hormones play an integral role in both our physical and metal health. Balanced hormones lead to an effective immune system, allow us to build and maintain muscle, have a healthy sex drive, regulate our mood, and so much more. Unfortunately for a lot of people, due to factors like diet, bad sleep habits, and more, hormones can get out of balance which leads to detrimental health issues. While hormone replacement therapy and other medications can be used to treat hormone imbalances, recent studies are showing that regular CBD supplementation can be a much more natural alternative, as CBD has hormone regulating properties.

CBD and Cortisol

One of the hormones that we hear the most about is Cortisol. Cortisol is often referred to as the “Stress Hormone” and is considered a natural alarm system to help your body react to stress and fear. Cortisol works by shutting down certain systems in your body if you are in a high-stress situation. These systems include digestion, immune system, and even growth process. Cortisol can directly affect how your body absorbs and uses food, inflammation, regulates blood pressure, it can increase blood sugar, and much more. It is a very important hormone and can cause many complications if it goes out of whack.

If your cortisol is out of whack, there are some doctor prescribed medications that can be taken, but this only really serves as a band aid and doesn’t treat the underlying condition. CBD can be used to help lower cortisol levels on an as needed basis – so it doesn’t need to be taken every day like a prescription – and doesn’t have any harmful side effects that a lot of prescriptions may have.

CBD and Other Hormones

In addition to helping with cortisol levels, CBD can also help regulate other hormone production as well. CBD and the cannabinoid system are very closely linked to the endocrine system, which directly influences the production of other hormones like insulin and melatonin. When the endocrine system is out of balance, the production of these hormones will suffer which can lead to weight gain, lower sleep quality, decreased immune function, and more. Because CBD and the endocannabinoid system influence the endocrine system, supplementing CBD daily can help to regulate the endocrine system, which in turn will help to keep these hormones in check.

CBD plays an important role in our health. From helping with more superficial health issues like reducing inflammation, to helping regulate hormones, daily supplementing of CBD can have drastic positive effects on our health and well-being. Of course, a supplement’s effects are only as good as the supplement’s quality. At Kurativ CBD, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with high-quality CBD, and we provide the lab reports to back it up. You can view all of our lab reports for our products on the individual product’s page. To shop our CBD products, follow the link here à Kurativ CBD Products

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