According to New Studies, Cannabis Products Improve Quality of Life

A new study was recently published in the Frontier in Psychiatry which took an in-depth look at medicinal cannabis users to examine how its use affected their depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. This study tried to determine if there was a positive correlation between the use of cannabis products and the reduction of various mental ailments. What they found was that cannabis users, predominantly CBD users, had a large reduction in symptoms from depression and anxiety, as well as several other illnesses.

At the beginning of the study, 34% of the subjects reported suffering from anxiety, 15% reported depression, and 51% of all of the people suffered from both. The first observation made in regard to cannabis use and the subjects was that of the total subject group, those who used cannabis products already reported a lower level of both depression and anxiety. Further, they found that after the introduction of cannabis products, previous “non-users” experienced a reduction in symptoms from both anxiety and depression.

It’s important to note that with this study, the vast majority (82%) of the participants were using CBD products. This goes to show that CBD plays a huge positive role in helping people treat depression and anxiety. As CBD usage is further studied, more and more articles are being published highlighting the positive effects that CBD can have on people’s mental health.

Over the past two years as the world has dealt with COVID-19 we have seen a massive deterioration of people’s mental health. More people now are suffering from depression and anxiety than ever before. CBD oils and other products provide a fast and effective way to treat symptoms and provide alleviation for those who are suffering.

It is important for anyone looking to use CBD products to help with their mental health that they ensure the products they’re using are actual CBD products, and not just hemp products. There are a lot of products online passing themselves off as CBD oils and lotions, but in reality, are just hemp oils that contain no CBD. These will not provide the relief that people are looking for from depression and anxiety. For those medicinal benefits, you need to have high-quality CBD products. Kurativ CBD provides complete lab reports on all of their products, so you know exactly how much high-quality CBD you’re getting in each product.

For more information on the study published regarding Cannabis use and its effects on depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments, you can read it here: Antidepressant and Anxiolytic Effects of Medicinal Cannabis Use in an Observational Trial. The article was authored by Erin L. Martin, Justin C. Strickland, Nicolas J. Schlienz, Joel Munson, Heather Jackson, Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, and Ryan Vandrey.

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